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Sober Living Houses for Men and Women in Nashville, TN.

Sober Living Nashville Tennessee for women Luxury Halfway House Private Bedrooms Upscale Furniture

Resident's Rights at Sober Living Houses, Halfway House in Nashville, Tennessee

First and foremost, all Resident's at any sober living facility deserved be treated with the utmost respect by Owners, Staff Members and Other Residents.  Violent, abusive behavior will not be tolerated at The Reserve Sober Living in Nashville, Tennessee.

The following are the Resident's Rights for all Luxury Sober Living, Halfway Houses operated by us in Nashville:

(1)  To live in an alcohol and drug free environment;

(2)  To be treated with respect and dignity;

(3)  To be provided a happy, poisitive, drama free enviornment where the focus is on recovery and solution not the problem.

(4)  To have you anonymity respected and protected at all time.

(5)  To live in an environemtn free from abussive conduct.

(6)  To not be subjected to violent threats or abussive behavior;

(7)  To not be traumatized, picked on or disrepected;

(8) To be provided access to meetings, literature and 12 steep recovery needs.

(9)  To be free from discrimination of any kind and nature.

(10)  To have your person and property respected; and

(11)  To not have your property taken/stolen and  bothered or used without your permission.