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Halfway House Services in Nashville TN - Luxury Sober Living

Halfway House Services in Nashville, Tennessee - NARR Level II Services - Luxury Recovery Residences

     Luxury Halfway Houses in Nashville TN Does Not Offer Professional Services

Halfway House Services at the Luxury Sober Houses in Nashville TN -  Our Halfway Houses in Nashville Tennessee for men and women are non-licensed facilities.  We are not licensed treatment centers, nor are any halfway houses in residential neighborhoods, and we do not provide professional or licensed services.  Our luxury halfway houses provide peer to peer or peer based group therapy, recovery groups and AA, NA, CA, Alanon, Alateen and 12 step based group meetings typically run by those with quality sobriety from the Recovery community or by the owners of the Reserve.

Our recovery residences utilize luxury halfway houses for residents to live in a sober, drug and alcohol free environment where the peer pressure is to succeed in sobriety and maintain quality sobriety.  We have a common focus and common purpose of maintaining sobriety and being chemical and drug free.

Through the services listed below and accomplishment of our halfway house goals, we believe that our men and women halfway house residents will have an improved life, find peace and happiness and help insure immunity against the next drink or drug.  First and foremost, the alcoholic or drug addict needs to calm the alcoholic mind and become present with a heightened sense of gratitude.  This is absolutely necessary for meaning, peaceful sobriety and to remove the desire and/or the need to drink and/or do drugs.

          Professional Services for Halfway House Residents Offered Outside at:

We suggest Recovery Unplugged for professional services .  Recovery Unplugged provides a wide ranging litany of services including medical, detoxing, therapy, IOP, PHP, inpatient, outpatient and etc. type services.

       Ascension Meditation and Groups at Halfway House in Nashville, TN

The owners of the Luxury Halfway Houses for Men and Women in Nashville, Tennessee, are active in AA, NA, ACOA and Ascension Meditation. 

The Halfway House, recovery residences in Nashville, Tennessee, may bring non-professional and non-licensed individuals with long term sobriety to run and/or participate in peer-to-peer discussions and recovery type groups.  These groups may include speaker meetings, AA Big Book studies, NA Book Studies, Step Studies, Mindfulness and Recovery Groups, Yoga, Music Therapy, Life Skills, Cooking, Resume Building, Job Search, Interview techniques, credit repair and etc.  All groups offered are optional.  Nothing is mandatory at the Reserve Sober Living in Nashville, Tennessee.

The owners of the Halfway Houses in Nashville, TN, experienced profound changes in their lives through Ascension mediation and wish to share practice with others including residents at the Reserve, their family members and/or non-residents by facilitating a 3 day mediation workshop conducted in Nashville every other month.  The Reserve owners cover $150 of the $250 per person charge for this 3-days mediation workshop. 

We treat the residents as family and are here to help any time day or night.  We also encourage resident family involvement and have an "open door" policy to family members of the sober living residents at our luxury halfway houses.

Luxury Halfway Houses for Men and Women in Nashville Tennessee Guidelines are as follows:

· Mindfulness and Recovery groups led by Scott G., employee of Stillwater's for Men and Cumberland Heights.  Scott G. is advanced practice in Ascension meditation and has attended approximately 20 weekends and is advanced in other forms of meditations.

- 3 Day Ascension Meditation workshops offered every other month.  We bring in and put up 2 Ascension meditation teachers from out of town and pay for all food for the weekend.  There are only a few Ascension teachers in the US as teacher training in part consists of 6 months training out of town or out of country requiring the teacher candidates to leave their life behind for 6 months to become a teacher.  The passage rate at teacher training is also very low, below 50%.  Ascension has been the most profound thing we have done in our lives and we wish to share this with others.  Again, this is not mandatory, but offered by our Luxury Halfway Houses in Nashville, Tennessee.

- We provide life skills coaching, job search assistance, resume help, interview techniques and cooking classes.

-  Our Luxury Halfway Houses have High Speed Wifi

-  We offer cable and HBO for all of our Recovery Residences in Nashville, Tennessee.

-  Our halfway houses have desk areas and offices.

-  We have workout rooms

-  We offer yoga classes I-house and/or via Zoom during the pandemic.

-  Random Drug and Alcohol Screening is conducted at all of our Luxury Halfway Houses in Nashville, Tennessee.

-  We offer deep cleaning services and monthly and/or bimonthly dinners

-  We bring in outside AA speakers and individuals with quality sobriety to conduct Step Studies, Big Book Studies and/or outside AA meetings into our halfway houses.  This may also be conducted by Zoom during the pandemic.

- We are available 24 house a day, 7 days a week if you need us.  That is our commitment to you.

Please call us at (850) 687-9823 or contact us through this website if you have any questions or would like to discuss reserving a room at one of our luxury halfway houses for men and women in Nashville, Tennessee.  Recovery House Nashville Tennessee at its finest.